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To make lasting improvements to your nightly sleep, you first need to know how sleep actually works.

Understanding how sleep really works

At ResMed we've spent 25 years helping people to sleep better, and feel better. Our research and analysis is rooted in rigorous science. We know sleep, and by sharing our knowledge we can help to improve your sleep patterns.

What is the S+ Library?

Our library holds articles covering a broad range of sleep-related issues. Owning an S+ means you have access to it. Take a look at the articles on this page, some of them are bound to be relevant and interesting to you.

Identifying Your Sleep Issues

Sleep troubles are varied and identifying yours is an important first step to solving it. These articles cover a great range of issues – yours will probably be among them.

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Getting Your Room Ready For Sleep

From temperature and light to noise and sleeping companions, the state of your sleeping environment has a profound effect on the state of your sleep.

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Understanding Your Sleep

We spend almost a third of our lives doing it, and we know how vital it is, yet many of us have scant understanding of sleep and how it works.

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Relaxing You To Sleep

Read about the different routines and lifestyle changes that can get you in the right physical and mental state as you prepare for sleep.

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Helping Clear Your Mind

A relaxed, clear mind is important to replenishing sleep. But achieving peace and a degree of mental “emptiness” can be difficult. Read here about why a clear mind matters, and how to unclutter yours.

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Waking You Gently

Each night our sleep follows patterns; deep at times, less so at others. Understanding these patterns, and timing our waking accordingly can give us more and more “good night’s sleep”, and make us more lively by day.

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