Waking You Gently

Are You Waking More Than You Know?

When I fall asleep, I'm out like a light when my head hits the pillow. I have no recollection of ever waking up during the night. Is it possible that I could be waking up and not knowing it? Is this a bad sign? Does this happen to others?...

Break the Cycle of Week-Day Sleeplessness

You grind during the week then recover during the weekend - right? It seems like the typical routine, but is this "catching-up" on the weekends really happening? The amount of sleep we need varies from person to person, just like height and weight...

How Sleep Influences Memory

The link between sleep and memory was first established years ago. That said, since scientists are not entirely sure how our brains retain memory, the exact relationship between sleep and memory is still being investigated, and is not completely understood. What we do know is this: more sleep can mean better memory...

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