Getting Your Room Ready For Sleep

Darkness Matters - How Light Affects Sleep

Light has a profound effect on sleep. Exposure to light early in the day stimulates the body and mind, encouraging feelings of wakefulness, alertness, and energy. Light exposure at night also stimulates alertness—and that can pose a serious problem for healthy, abundant, refreshing sleep. Light exposure during the evening can make it harder to fall asleep. Insufficient darkness throughout the night can lead to frequent and prolonged awakenings...

Make (a) Room For Sleep

Bears hide away in dens. Rabbits nestle in warrens. People retreat to their bedrooms. Sleep experts agree that, like many animals, we need quiet, darkness, cool room temperatures, and general comfort to get plenty of good, refreshing sleep...

Ssshhhh - Noise and Sleep

The sound of neighbors laughing late into the night, music playing from across the hall, a buzzing phone on the bedside table, a television left on—there are an array of everyday noises that can disturb and diminish sleep. Perfect silence isn't always necessary or even desirable. Some sounds at night can enhance sleep. Other sounds—a child crying, a smoke alarm ringing—are important to hear, even during sleep. The goal is to protect against unwanted and disruptive sounds, the intrusive noise that interferes with sleep's regular routine...

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